Eye for an Eye, Right?

I'm a little late with this story but Greg Spires and three Falcons have been fined a total of $30,000 by the NFL for unsportsman like conduct in their game last week.

The problems in the game started when Falcons return man Allen Rossum claimed he was poked in the eye at the bottom of the huddle. While the NFL did not fine any Bucs players for poking Rossum in the eye Falcons coach Jim Mora claims he has video showing just this offense.

The NFL did fine Falcons linebacker Demorio Williams for poking Cadillac Williams in the eye. Demorio Williams may not be the next Derrick Brooks but he is certainly turning out to be the next Bill Romanowski.

Greg Spires was fined for falling on Michael Vick's leg when he was sacked at the one yard line and forced out of the game for one play. Tampa Bay went on to score a defensive touchdown on the next play when Falcons quarterback Matt Schaub entered the game.

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