About damn time

As you probably did not notice, my site has been down since Monday. I would like to claim some measure of intelligence for fixing the site on my own (i.e. no help from the people at blogger, despite my constant asking), but truth be told I am probably to blame for crashing it in the first place. Either way, you were spared three days of my bitching about how bad this team is and how much Griese means to the team.

As bad as Simms played yesterday, I still blame the loss against the 49ers on Gruden. The 49ers are so atrocious that the Bucs sans Griese should have been able to beat a San Fran team that looks more comfortable in Division 1-AA. To steal a line from Buc Stats, the 49ers put in their waterboy at the end of the game and still beat the Bucs.

Exhibit A, Joe Gibbs and the Redskins treated this 49ers team like they were the '72 Dolphins to the point that he was mocked by Tony Kornheiser. What Gibbs (a coach who doesn't lose to bad teams) did was convince his players that the 49ers were better than everyone thought they were. And his 'Skins went out and played hard en route to scoring 500 points on the 49ers.

This trick will lose its potency after a few seasons as players grow tired of hearing a coach who sounds like a used car salesman, but it works really well when you are dealing with young players. And last time I checked there where a good deal of young guys on the Bucs offense.

Anyway, I'm heading back to the bay area this weekend to catch my first Bucs game of the season. Three weeks ago I was looking forward to this game with baited (sp?) breath. The Panthers were my pick (as well as half of America's pick) to make it to the Super Bowl out of the NFC. (Just for the record, the Panthers and the Colts were my Super Bowl picks, and I'm staying on both of those bandwagons. As much as the media folks and Archie would love it I just don't see a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl. I would hope that if the Giants made it to the NFC Championship and the Colts to the AFC Championship, Archie would pull a Richard Williams and have My OtherBrother Eli deactivate himself because of a pulled vagina.)

Now, this looks like an easy win for a resurgent Panthers team looking to make a statement. Assuming the Bucs defense plays the Panthers tough (which they will at Ray Jay), the Bucs offense will be unable to move the ball against the Carolina defense. Carolina is just too good against for the run for the Bucs to get their ground game established. This means I may have to face the prospect of watching Simms pass the ball thirty plus times. Good times.

On a final note, who else is glad to see the NBA? If the NFL is alpha male big brother of professional sports then the NBA is the younger sibling, crying for attention by starting bar fights and shacking up with its cousin. Where else can you hear Steve Kerr talking about "girth"?


Ben said...

Good to have you back Ski, I was looking at your code to see if there was anything I could see that was causing your blog to mess up and then I realized that I had no way to contact you to let you know even if I found anything...

Anyhow, glad you are back up and running.

Out of curiosity, what was the problem in case I run into it in the future.

Douglas Scott S. said...

welcome back, i figured you shut it down yourself after that loss last sunday lol. but who knows, maybe you guys can rebound against the... Panthers?? yeah probably not.. but atleast simms is getting some experience, maybe you guys will have a shot next year.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Welcome back,
I have to agree with you, I miss Griese too. I hope Simms can rebound and come back huge this week. Last weeks lost made me think I was back in the 80's watching my old team, but in the wrong color (orange and white). I think Rattay is warming up, we shall see depending on how Simms plays this week. I also was glad to here that Cadillac was back to preinjury form in practice this week. Never fear we will rebound. I will be at the game sunday, I hope we beat the panthers. Ok as a true BUC fan we will beat the panthers.

Ski, don't forget to keep checking my blog about the bucs too. pewterpirates.blogspot.com

Ski said...

ben, basically I'm an idiot. I was editing the code for my site to change the sidebar and must of somehow managed to erase half the code.

simple way to fix that was create another identical blog and copy and paste the issing code.

leason learned from all that was don't depend on blogger help to fix your problem, 'cause they never responded to any of my emails

shit, I've had all kinds of rants just boiling up inside me this week with no forum to express them (other than bugging the girlfriend, so it's good to have the site up and running again)

and cutthroat, I have been checking out your site. I'm still planning on giving you a shout out in one of my posts, that's just been pushed back a bit since I'm an idiot