Mel's Picks: Week 11

It's that time of the week. Cheesy sports bettors are offering their picks on sports talk radio for a nominal fee. Sports writers (and I use that term in the loosest possible sense) on ESPN and SI.com are offering their guesses for free.

And Mel Kiper Jr. is being mocked by Tony Kornheiser. You know how Tony likes to open each segment of the show with a song? Well, for Mel's picks Tony went with Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Women."

On to the picks. (and for the record Mel's record picking winners is 52-15)

Carolina (-3) at Chicago: This is an easy week for Mel to just pick winners, and no surprise here, he thinks the Panthers will win.

Miami (+2) at Cleveland: In the closest spread Mel still goes with the favorite, Cleveland.

Indy (-5.5) at Cincy: Colts.

Jacksonville (-4.5) at Tennessee: Sense a theme here? Mel goes with the favorite, Jacksonville.

Detroit (+7.5) at Dallas: Cowboys.

Minnesota (+4.5) at Green Bay: Mel thinks Minnesota could be this year's big rebound team, akin to what the Panthers did last year. Vikings still have a shot at the playoffs and need a win to stay in it. Mel picks Vikings to win.

Philly (+7.5) at New York Giants: The Giants.

Oakland (+6) at Washington: In all of the games Mel went with the favorites, but then again there's only one game this week with a spread of less than three points so it's not a tough week to pick winners. (oh yeah, Mel picks the Redskins)


Dr. Fu Manchu said...

Thanks agian. Is tony going to get Mel's turkey day picks?

Ski said...

i dont know yet about the turkey day picks, but ill keep my ears open