4th Quarter Notes

Good call by Joe Gibbs on fourth down. Bucs are expecting a run, and Brunell runs the naked bootleg pass for a first down to Chris Cooley.

Shelton Quarles over pursues (again) and gives up a first down to Betts. As well as Quarles has played this season, this is something he has done far too often. Quarles made the same mistake last year against the Skins, allowing Portis to run for a long touchdown which sealed the game for the Skins.

Peyton Manning is a huge dork.

Okay, this is the test for Simms. Two minutes left with your team down by a touchdown. This is what makes or breaks quarterbacks. If you can drive down the field for a touchdown you will be a hero, but if you fail you will be the goat of the game. Which one will Simms be?

Damn, definitely a hero.

One of the best Bucs games I have ever seen. Not as good as the win against the Eagles in the playoffs, but it's better than the game to open the regular season the following season against the Eagles.

The story today will be about Chris Simms coming through in the clutch when the Bucs needed him to play big. Mike Alstott showed the nation he still has some gas left in the tank but everyone everyone knew who Alstott was.

Before this game Simms was viewed through two lenses. As the Phil Simms' son and the guy who got replaced by Major Applewhite at Texas. One game won't turn around people's opinions but it proves Simms can win games for the Bucs by making big plays. Just as important Simms did not turn the ball over today. The key seems to be the play of the line who looked better pass blocking but continued to struggle in their run blocking.

This win gives the Bucs some much needed momentum heading into a raucous Atlanta dome next week against a tenacious Falcons team. Simms is still young and will have problems playing in a loud stadium. But let's worry about that next week, for now I'm going to enjoy an exciting victory.


Anonymous said...

you should have more commentary, and less play-by-play. That stuff is boring and definitely not necessary. This is a weblog, treat it like one! wierd...not much content on this site, sorry.

Anonymous said...

1) i agree with the previous comment. who cares about the play-by-play.

2) manning may come off dorky but you know he is a soid player. the way he plays shows that he loves his job and that he is good at it. (not that like that ungrateful T.O., who btw is a stupid idiot).

3) the final tampa TD was BULL. the ball wasn't in the end zone. plain and simple. horrible call on refs, they gave into the players and fans' whining.

4) the bucs coach needs to take off that stupid gold chain. he looks retarded and tacky.

gnorb said...

1) Regarding commentary: it's your site. Who cares. Me, I like the play-by-play, be it superfluous (sp?) or not. I also look forward to the commentary.

2) As for not enough content: I have to disagree. This guy's obviously not been reading for too long.

3) The Final TD: The TD itself was on the mark. I think you mean the "quiestionable" 2-point conversion. As the rules state, if the guy's on top of another guy, he ain't down. Plain and simple. Alstott's made his mark on many a team by doing just this. Oh, and moving entire defensive lines back a few feet.

In either case, great win for the Bucs, but even better game for both teams. A game this close doesn't leave any team looking bad. It could have gone either way.

Gotta say it, Simms looked SERIOUSLY good this week. Definitelly maturation going on there.

Ski said...

thanks gnorb, I take comments more seriously when you actually leave your name.

the in-game notes were something new I was trying out. They were intended to be a series of stream of consciousness (sp?) comments, which popped into my head as I watched the game. as you can prob tell I did not edit them much.

I am going to experiment with different types of posts every now and then. To me, that's the point of having a blog, to try and present something (whether it be a point of view or writing style) the main stream media is not offering.