Whatcha talking about Willis?

Little bit of smack talk from Stephen Davis on Carnell Williams before the big game Sunday. More of my thoughts on the game later.

And yes, the title makes no sense, but I can't think of elite runningbacks without bringing up Willis McGahee.


Sponge said...

Did you happen to get Mel's picks for this week?

Ski said...

sponge, my bad I missed most of the picks 'cause of work

I can tell you that Mel picks Indy to beat New England, and Carolina to beat Tampa Bay

also Tony continues to mock Mel to his face and behind his back and . . . well you get the idea, Mel is a walking joke of a sports reporter

Scott said...

The comments aren't that inflammatory. He thinks he's the best, but he doesn't really "dis" Cadillac. I actually thought Davis was the best RB during their Super Bowl season. Not so much now, though.