There's still a MLB team in Tampa Bay, right?

And do they have a new nickname yet?

To be honest one of this site's failings the past year (and to be truthful the only one....ever) has been the lack of DRays coverage. Sure I've played the role of abnoxious, over-supportive fan at an away ballpark (last Friday at Camden Yards) but haven't given the DRays the support they deserve on this blog. Well, in an effort to absolve my sin I strongly recommend visiting Rays Index's latest offering, the Devil Rays Trade Value Index and 2007 Roster Projections. Even if it does make me feel a twinge of guilt about my own lack of contributions to Western Civilization.


Anthony said...

Hey man, just started my own Bucs page and I love your layout. I am not good with html, any tips you can give me? I don't want to copy you, but I have some ideas myself and just don't know how to implement them.

gnorb said...

"Best Bucs Blog"
"Best Bucs Blog"

Unless the DRays change their name to "Bucs", I don't think you have to feel too guilty about not covering them.

Maybe start the "Best JesusRays Blog"?

Anonymous said...

yeh the lack of devil ray coverage was one of the best features!

move them to gibsonton, call them the freaks!