Pollock Positional Preview: The Runningbacks

Over the next two weeks I will be previewing each position as only a Pollock can, with a complete inattention to detail and a shocking lack of research. And since I’m sure many of my viewers are of the fantasy football ilk, I will slant the previews to ensure you know everything to draft a winning team (as long as you only draft Bucs). Enjoy.

Gruden’s offense is like a highly tuned engine powered by Cadillac Williams. But when Cadillac’s tires are flat the rest of the offense might as well be a Ford Pinto. So pay attention to Cadillac oil change tire pressure or else empty gas tank broken drive shaft vapor lock.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, (for the next couple of weeks at least) let’s talk us some runningbacks.

There are basically three knocks on Cadillac going into the season. In order…

1. Injury bug
2. Not used on 3rd down
3. Few Goal line carries

And the responses in order…

1. This might be the most certain uncertainty on the Bucs roster (digest that for a second). For no apparent reason some guys go their entire career without getting injured, while a guy with the exact same body type gets injured every season. But if I can grab at straws, Cadillac was 100% roughly a month after he injured his foot, which would seem to indicate that he is able to bounce back well from injury. I’m definitely grabbing at straws. Knock on wood.

2. Michael Pittman replaced Cadillac on third and long last season. Cadillac has been working on his receiving skills in the offseason, although trying to improve your pass catching skills at this point in your career is like Shaq trying to become a better at shooting free throws. Once you become a pro you either have it or you don’t.

3. Alstott “stole” many of Cadillac’s goal line carries and will continue to do so this season. Alstott has been fantasy football’s version of The Grinch, stealing touchdowns from Warrick Dunn, Pittman and now Cadillac. This is less a criticism of Cadillac and more a confirmation of Alstott’s prowess around the end zone.

Crumbs: Throwin’ some love to the backups

After the trinity of Cadillac, Pittman and Alstott the Bucs have a good deal of talent although none of it exciting. Fullback Jerald Sowell was brought in to replace the much missed Jameel Cook, and should see plenty of playing time in power running situations. The other true fullback on the roster, Rick Razzano, is almost a lock to get cut and would be fortunate to make the practice squad.

There are three backs fighting for the 3rd spot on the depth chart. Earnest Graham is a preseason all-star and is above average when you ask him to run in a straight line. Carey Davis is listed as a fullback but has a running style similar to Graham. Derek Watson has done little to impress this preseason and is in danger of being cut.

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