Stupid Things I've Written

Introducing a new gimmick here where we take a look back at things I've written that, in hindsight, were incredibly stupid. Why am I doing this? Consider it a mea culpa on my part. An admission that nobody is perfect, most (or least) of all me. Anyway, let's go for a trip in the wayback machine., and remember to err is human, yada yada yada.

Date: Monday, August 12th 2005

Scene: The Bucs are coming off their first game and win of the season against the Vikings.

...once the o-line improves its play Cadillac will be a force to be reckoned with. But for right now he can not carry the offense.

All Cadillac did the next three weeks was carry the offense and prove me wrong. But I've learned from my mistake and fully expect Cadillac to carry the offense this season. Which probably means Chris Simms will be the engine behind Gruden's offense.

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