The Next Vick?

No, not Marcus Vick, I'm talking about Reggie Bush who is easily the most hyped rookie since Ron Mexico. There are many parallels between the two players, both led their college teams to national championship games. And both possess the athletic ability to make game changing plays that make SportsCenter wet with anticipation. As you can see from the Saints first preseason game...

When both players were drafted they were tabbed as the saviors of their respective franchises. Vick has saved the Falcons commercial viability and marketability, although he has yet to lead them to the promised land of the Super Bowl. Bush has also made the Saints more marketable as evidenced by the large increase in season ticket sales.

But, as Confucious once said, one man does not a team make. Elway needed Terrell Davis. Marino and Barry Sanders needed more talent. It remains to be seen if Vick and Bush can make the jump from the highlight reels to the Super Bowl.


Scott said...

I saw you posted a comment on the TBO blog. I actually saw the comment this time. The powers-that-be approved them all, but yours is not there. I don't get it, but I'm looking into it.

To answer your question about Chas, though... I just have a soft spot for guys who try hard in camp. So many squander their chance for one reason or another, and by all accounts, Chas is going all-out. Maybe he is a spoiled douche asshole, I don't know. But Gruden has good things to say about him, and I still am not completely sold on Edell Shepherd or Paris Warren (who really should have held onto the ball more than a half-second in the endzone.)

Ski said...

my comment from today was actually my third attempt. not sure what's holding them back but might have something to do with the sexual references i had in the first two.

per The Chas, if he makes this team it will be as a special teams player and will most likely never see any action at reciever (knock on wood). so while the drops will certainly not endear him to Gruden it's how Chas performs on punt and kickoffs that will determine his future.

Dave said...

One key difference between Reggie Bush and Ron Mexico: Reggie Bush isn't trying to play a position he's mentally incapable of learning. Atlanta has to dumb down its offense for Rotten Ronnie. Bush just has to get the ball from Drew Brees, find an opening and go nuts.