Exhibition Game: Take 1

When exactly did exhibition game become a dirty word in the NFL? For some time now, the uptight organization that it is, the NFL mandated that these meaningless games be called preseason. And to make matters worse the NFL charges you full ticket price for exhibition games. There is absolutley no good reason to move back to 2 exhibition games before the season.

Who I will be watching: Jeremy Trueblood

Technically I will not be watching the game tonite (will have to catch it on the NFL Network) but when I do I want to see how Trueblood fairs while stepping in for a banged up Kenyatta. The Jets are introducing a 3-4 defense this year, so it is doubtful the Jets defense will be 100% but the defense should still be a good warmup/test for Trueblood. Shaun Ellis, who was about average last season, will go up against Trueblood.

It will be difficult for Trueblood to move ahead of Kenyatta based on just this game. Trueblood will be expected to hold his own against an unspectacular Jets defense which is still learning the 3-4 scheme. Ellis was not strong against the run last season, which is the one area Trueblood will be expected to excel. I think Trueblood will struggle against the pass rush but if he doesn't then he definitely improves his standing in Gruden's eyes.

Anyway, go Bucs!

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