Barber makes it official

Ronde Barber signs five year extension.

The odd thing about this deal is that, as opposed to most deals for older players, it is front loaded. Which got me wondering...do the Bucs plan on moving Barber to safety in two years?

Hear me out on this.

Outside of Will Allen the Bucs have no impressive safeties (obviously I'm not a big fan of Jermaine Phillips). Hell, right now they don't even have much depth at the position. Barber is a bit on the big side for a corner (but not for a safety) and is more comfortable than most corners playing close to the line (as evidenced by the much ballyhoed 20 sacks, 20 interceptions). And if Barber is moved to safety it would pretty much guarantee he would finish his career with the Bucs.

Of course, throw everything I just said out the window if the Bucs draft a safety on the first day next year.

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