Chad Johnson is our Martin Luther

Chad Johnson might be my favorite non-Buc in the NFL, and this is yet another example of why. It's no secret that the NFL rules limiting touchdown celebrations have been largely aimed at Johnson, so what is his response?

“Look, they said you can’t use props, right? You can’t bring anything onto the field, or hide it in the end zone, or whatever. I mean, to me, it’s silly, because on one hand they really want us to be entertainers, and then they take away a way to entertain people. But here’s the thing: Every week, I will get in front of the cameras and kind of announce, in a secret way, what I want the fans to do for that game. I mean, it’ll be kind of like a code, but there will be enough hints that people should be able to get it. And every week, the fans will be my props. They can’t fine me for that. It’s going to drive the competition committee crazy trying to figure it out."

Considering the NFL has become the elder brother of the sports world who takes himself way too seriously, I'm rooting for Johnson in this situation. Somebody needs to knock some sense into the NFL before it collapses under the sheer weight of it's uniformity and monotony. If the NFL keeps demanding more and more money from people while lowering the quality of its entertainment it's only a matter of time before the people lead a revolt.

Johnson posts his (much condensed) 95 Theses

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