What am I, chopped liver?

Sports Illustrated.com is running a poll asking which is the best Bucs website, and noticeably absent is yours truly. Now I can't hold a candle to Pewter Report's inside information or BucPower's comprehensive historical knowledge but how do the Captain's Deck and Go Buccaneers Go make this list? Captain's Deck only has one post in the past month (on the SI poll non-the-less) and I've never even heard of Go Buccaneers Go before today. Seriously, who do you have to give a hummer to around these parts to get some love?

Anyway, apparently most people feel the same way I do because Pewter Report and BucPower are blowing away the competition and are neck and neck heading into the proverbial home stretch. Both sites have links on their front page directing their fans to vote for them so it will be interesting to see who wins out. My money's on Pewter Report but my heart is with BucPower.


Scott said...

I know, right? I'd like to think we'd be included before those other guys. I hit Pewter Report several times per day, Buc Power maybe two or three times per week. Buc Power is really more of a research tool rather than a news source, which is what I think the polls were going for.

But seriously, I get the hummer to move up the list.

Ski said...

sure we're bloggers, the lowest form of life on the internet, but i'd like to think we're more popular than Go Buccaneers Go or the Captain's Deck

David said...

Dude, you do a good job. Keep it up