You're so cut

The cuts are coming. By today the Bucs must reduce their roster to 75, which means 14 mostly no name players will be trimmed from the roster this afternoon. Another round of cuts come on Saturday.

Which receivers will make the final roster? When training camp started I thought Galloway, Clayton, Hilliard, Stovall, Shepherd and Mark Jones would stick around and I have seen nothing to sway me from that prediction. Which means Paris Warren, David Boston and Chas Gessner are fighting for at least a spot on the practice roster.

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Texas Kelly said...

You've got a little explaining to do, Ski, since Boston and Warren made the team and Shepherd didn't. ;)

(BTW, I've given you both linkage and a plug at my blog, a bunch of incoherent nonsense. Check it out when you're bored and have nothing better to do! *thumbs up*)