Exhibition Game: Take 2

Rookies and injuries, the only two reasons to watch a preseason game.

Again, I'm going to be watching to see how Trueblood plays. Additionally, I'm interested to see which young buck locks up the last receiver spot, Edell Shepherd, Paris Warren or The Chas. My money's still on Edell to win the race, but Warren is the darkhorse. The Chas is just the horse's ass.

I would be watching Joseph but he's locked up the starting job at right guard and he looked good last week anyway. On a side note, this is the second straight year a rookie guard has won a starting job on the Bucs line. Whenever Mahan wins the center job from Wade (maybe this season, at the latest next) the Bucs will finally have a nucleus to build the line around. Although I get the feeling it will be awhile before we see the dominant offensive tackle I hoped the Bucs would draft this spring.

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