Catching up

Bunch of things I want touch on but first I wanted to mentioned that it appears Pewter Pirates will being take a bit of a siesta from blogging. I've given Cutthroat a hard time before but his presence will be missed. I wish him the best of luck with nursing school.

Second, missed the Bucs game and since it will not be replayed on the NFL Network I will miss the game entirely. Fortunately, Buccaneer Harbour has a good roundup of the game and I agree 100% with his analysis. Except I don't think Gruden can bench Kenyatta this year, seeing as how Trueblood would fare no better at right tackle.

My take on Simm's batted ball woes should surprise no one, I blame the offensive line. The Bucs offensive line leans toward the heavy side (i.e. bigger than average), which means they excel at pushing guys off the line in the running game. But when asked to play off their heels in the passing game they tend to allow too much space between the defender and their bodies. This will be a problem all season long.

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