Exhibition Game #2: No Notes

Missed this morning's replay of last night's game and the next replay on the NFL Network is not until Thursday (I gotta get DVR). Although it sounds like from reading the local inksheets the line was a bit on the porous side. I would be interested in seeing where the pressure came from but since 2.5 of the Dolphins 4 sacks came from defensive tackles I am concerned that the interior of the line did not hold up. Which is even more troubling since Mahan got the start over Wade at center.


Scott said...

Ok, so maybe The Chas isn't everything he was cracked up to be in camp. And my boy Boston is practically invisible out there. With all that new talent the Bucs have at receiver, it looks like they're going to wind up with the same crew as last year + Stovall. I just gotta think one of those guys is an upgrade over Shepherd, though.

Ski said...

I don't think it's so bad if it works out that way.

Clayton should bounce back this year, and Shepherd is one year more experienced. Alex Smith should see more passes thrown his way. And at it's heart this is still a team that revolves around pounding the rock.