Boston makes roster, I eat crow

If Gruden had not said he was praying for Boston to make the roster (WTF?) then this move would have come as more of a surprise. Although Boston was a workout warrior in training camp, come game time he disappeared and he showed absolutely no reason for Gruden to keep him until the last exhibition game. But come Saturday, Edell Shepherd was cut and Boston was on the final roster.

To be honest I was rooting against Boston making the roster, not so much because I despised Boston but because I wanted to see Shepherd redeem himself. There's a fine line between hero and scape goat and for Shepherd that line was holding onto the ball for one more second. And while everyone remembers the dropped touchdown in the 'Skins game few people remember that Shepherd was wide open in the endzone the next play only to be overthrown by Simms. Here's hoping Shepherd can find some measure of redemption playing in Houston for the Texans.

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