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My Sticks Preview is here (strike that, Sticks site appears to be down). My Fanhouse Preview is here.

The Times has an interesting quote from Keyshawn who apparently believes if he had not been deactivated the Bucs could have won a second Super Bowl.

"It would've been nice to win two (Super Bowls) in a row," Johnson said. "I felt we had the team to do it. I felt had I not been deactivated, we were right there and would've made the playoffs. We could've snuck in the backdoor. It wouldn't have been easy, but we would've done it."
Random note: Martin Gramatica is kicking for the Colts today in replacement of an injured Vinatieri.

Injuries: Bucs,
Davinh Joseph
Brian Kelly

Dan Morgan

Note: I am at the girlfriend's in Richmond, and since she doesn't have Sunday Ticket (what kind of girlfriend is she?) I won't be able to catch the game until I get home to watch it on DVR.

Final Score: Panthers 26, Bucs 24

My Fanhouse quick recap is up.

And more bad news for Bucs fans, Simms has been hospitalized and his spleen has been removed. Little news has been released so far but it typically takes 4-6 weeks to recover from surgery to remove a ruptured spleen.

Over the next couple of weeks where all going to learn a lot more about ruptured spleens and splenectomy (the surgery to remove the spleen). Here is some info I've been able to find...
Spleen injuries dangerous but common (ESPN)
Ruptured spleen can take 7-8 weeks to recover from (Clemson)

Peter King says he spoke to 2 doctors who said it would take 2-3 months to recover.

The St Pete Times has been updating their Bucs beat blog all night. Apparently there is a four point scale when grading spleen injuries.


Ski said...

it appears Keyshawn still carries a grudge against the bucs, 2 TDs and 66 yards just in the 1st half

Ski said...

wow, just caught highlights from the game. horrible tackling by the defense against keyshawn, this defense would have made those tackles a year ago.

Ski said...


he's back, simms scrambles for the go ahead touchdown on fourth down

Ski said...

they're showing the skins game down here in richmond, and they just showed the simms run, man was that ugly. simms barely made it to the pylon before being awkwardly tackled. but ugly touchdowns count the same as pretty ones.

Ski said...

i forgot how much i despise regional cable boadcasts. the skins are blowing away the texans, while the bucs are locked in a tight one with the panthers but fox won't switch to another game until two minutes are left in the skins game.

Ski said...

crap, panthers are moving the ball on the bucs and simms was taken to the locker room to receive an IV

Douglas Scott S. said...

i'll admit, that was pretty mean what the bucs did. made you think they actually had a chance to win the game today, only to crush your hopes.

Kasay (UGA alumn) gotta give him props, its rare in the NFL to have a clutch kicker these days. He did a great job.