Bring in Major Applewhite!

Well, it's started. John's prediction has come true and Buccaneer Fandom is beginning to demand that backup quarterback Gradkowski be promoted to starter. Never mind Grads is a sixth round rookie who looked spotty in the preseason.

For the record, I say stay with Simms unless the Bucs are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. In which case Simms first born should be sacrificed to The Spirit of Vince Lombardi to make appeasement for Simm's transgressions.


Joel said...

If Gradkowski can block then I say bring him in.

Of course if the offensive line continues to underperform this grossly, people will get their wish eventually when Simms gets hurt. But when Gradkowski gets hurt, who do we yell for?

Douglas Scott S. said...

that must be a terrible feeling.. to throw your team in with the titans, raiders, broncos as a team with a QB controversy.. with a 6th round rookie!!!!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Major Applewhite?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Okay, but it isn't ALL Simms. The line needs work.

Ski said...

the line needs a lot more talent on it, but the the bucs started the same line against the falcons on sunday that they started against the falcons in the two games from last season.

gruden is partly to blame for not calling cadillac's number more often (assuming cadillac is as healthy as he claims), but simms should shoulder the majority of the blame for the loss. he looked horrible, although only a fool would claim the bucs have a quarterback controversy.

oh, and what's with the genius leaving the major applewhite comment after I already made that joke? whoever left that comment must be a bengals fan.