The Best Bucs Gameday thread

Two previews for you to read, I have one up at the Sticks and one at the Fanhouse.

John Abraham is out.

UPDATE: My recap is up at the Fanhouse. Let's just say I'm not happy with Gruden or Simms.


Ski said...

that thump you just felt is everyone humping off the simms bandwagon. chris is late on his throws and the falcons defense is making him pay for it

Ski said...

three batted balls, with 7 minutes left on the clock in the 2nd. this is going to be a problem all season for simms

Ski said...

the auburn or lsu defense could have better success against the falcons shotgun offense right now. the falcons are basically running the spread offense right now

Ski said...

like i said before this whole one kicker doing three things is a horrible idea in a nfl that has become more specialized. the kicker is missing every field goal he tries. yet another example of horrible of a coach mora is.

Ski said...

this game is just plain ugly, bucs should have 14 more points on the board by now.

Douglas Scott S. said...


bucs should have 14 more points? well falcons should have 12 more points.. there's a reason why koenen is the first kicker in like 25 years to do all 3.. because it obviously isnt successful. we better get a true kicker.

and how does it feel to get steam-rolled? seriously, how does it feel? 300+ yards rushing, wow.

how many did cadillac have?

yeah sorry but its a new falcons team this year buddy, our best defensive lineman wasnt even in the game.

atleast you guys have scored 3 points this year.

Ski said...

koenon (or whatever the falcons kicker's name is) is a lock to be cut before the end of the season. i think martin gramatica still hasnt been signed.

im glad the bucs play the falcons again cause the bucs have a lot of room to improve. the falcons aren't that good and the bucs aren't that bad. this game was ugly on both sides

i like running vick out of the shotgun and letting him run fake but defenses will start to scheme for that so it won't work for long. and vick still can't throw the ball

by the way, hall is an idiot. who talks shit to a ref? i'm not sure which school produces more idiots, va tech or miami.

Douglas Scott S. said...

nah im not too mad at koenen.. he's a punter. last year they randomly let him try to kick a few 55+ yd field goals and he made a couple. he's not a kicker, leave him at punter and he'll be fine.

falcons are in good position to be 3-0 after next week. and that'd be 3-0 against the NFC South which would be huge. we have the best defense in the NFC South and as long as we run all over teams, the defense will stay fresh. need abraham to miraculously stay healthy though.

and d-hall is a pimp
jimmy williams will be too.
chris simms is a mess.

Douglas Scott S. said...

i just read your recap and and disagree with you calling it an ugly game. it was ugly on tampa's part. and the kicking was ugly for both teams.

but who cares that it was 14-3. both teams have good defenses. LSU and Auburn played a 7-3 game, but it doesnt mean it was ugly too.

i think the falcons played great. vick honestly looks faster than ive seen him in the past, when he's sprinting down the field he looks like hes gliding. we got an early 14-0 lead and pounded the ball the rest of the game. its how the falcons play, we arent a 300 passing yard team.

interesting point during the game.. gruden has never coached a young QB, he's always had veterans. so yeah, he's clearly having trouble developing a young QB, and cadillac starting off the year kinda injured isnt good either. but hey i guess that'll explain why you guys are averaging 1.5 points per game.

atleast the raiders got 6 points today to push their average to 3 points per game..

Ski said...

did you even watch the game doug-doug? the falcons committed 16 penalties

Douglas Scott S. said...

falcons committed 8 penalties. but big deal they were meaningless.

tampa committed 8 penalties and they were costly.

the pass interference at the beginning of the game. the block in the back on the INT for a TD. and a couple holding and block in the back penalties after that.

im glad you think tampa still has a chance. gruden cant develop young QB's...

Ski said...

my mistake, nfl.com lists 16 penalties for the falcons. i still wouldn't move atlanta into the list of potential super bowl teams

Douglas Scott S. said...

i dont see how you couldnt. we just dominated the 2005 NFC South Champion today, and the Panters, who made it to the NFC Champ game last week.

Bears, Falcons, Seahawks, Panthers, Giants, Eagles are all "potential" contenders.

i dont see how you cant even call them contenders. but its ok, i understand you're in pain. check out my post and read the link i put up.