Random thoughts from the Saints-Falcons game

No surprise, much like their first game from last season, the Saints are playing with more emotion than their opponent. The Saints won that game against Carolina, can they do the same against Atlanta?

NO's offense looks pretty vanilla with a couple of trick plays thrown in. It's a system that relies more on the talent than schemes and mismatches. The Saints got lucky to a certain extent that Bush and Brees where available and that Colston turned out to be so good or else this team wouldn't be staring at a 12 loss season (like the Bucs are now).

And as long as I have the opportunity, let me say I thought Houston was nuts to take Mario over Bush. Although in Houston's defense Mario will most likely have a longer career.

This is what happens when you have time to prepare, the Saints are shutting down the Falcons spread offense. And Vick can't throw the ball. Kinda eeiry how accurate my prediction is about how the Falcons can't play from behind.

Deuce McAllister (the north-south runner) is having more success against the Falcons than Bush.

These in-booth interviews might be the worst idea for Monday Night Football since Dennis Miller. Part of what makes Madden and Michaels so good is that they know when to shut up and let the game speak for itself. This version of MNF just feels over-produced much like most of ESPN's products (except Cheap Seats, which is a great show for guys that liked MST3000).

Sweet, Thiesmann just called Bush "Reggie Brown." It's not like Bush has been insanely hyped or is on every other commercial where you would recognize him immeadiately or nothing.

How dependent are the Falcons on the run? On third and five, which is almost always a passing down, the Falcons run a dive.

Theismann continues to impress, he calls Alge "Mr. Clutch" when he catchs a first down on 4 and 1, even though Alge has dropped two touchdown passes in this game.

The Saints are wisely shadowing Vick with a linebacker (Harper) something I didn't see the Bucs do a lot of last week.

Despite what Theissman is trying to sell the Saints defense is not this good (normally at least). Fujita, an outcast from a lowly Chiefs defense might be the Saints best player. Bottom line, the Falcons offense is horrible when they are playing from behind and forced to throw the ball.

Horn seems like he would be a huge asshole in the real world, the kind of guy who would rip one and start laughing when everyone else smelled it.

Remember when USC played Notre Dame last year where the Irish let the grass grow long to slow down the Trojans? I wonder why more NFL teams don't do that. The Saints crappy field is clearly working in their favor seeing as how with the exception of Reggie Bush the Falcons probably have more speed at every position. Is there any reason why the Titans or Texans shouldn't do the same thing to try and equalize the playing field?


Ski said...

to try and keep the post from getting insanely long ill try and keep the rest of my comments here

it's easy to look good when you're ahead by 17 points but the saints look really good. i think carolina wins the division (falcons have too many weaknesses) but saints could give them a run for their money. i don't think the saints can do that but it could happen

Ski said...

bush has looked tentative, he has been slow to hit holes and has bounced it outside when it might be better to run in between the tackles.

but he makes up for it with his receiving skills. he reminds me most of marshall faulk although he will have to improve his field vision to be as good as faulk was in his prime. and people forget this but faulk in his prime was one of the best backs ever.

Ski said...

the problem with kornheiser is that his jabs are so subtle (i.e. comparing theismanns statements to zen philosophy), except when theissman talks about taking "it" out his pants.

i like kornheiser but he has been forcing it too much, trying to be story teller when he's just a yodeler. he'll get better as he gets more comfortable. the toughest thing for him to do is work out his dynamic with thiesmann (i think ive spelled theismann 4 different ways). TK clearly wants to just rip into JT but that's a little difficult when JT is sitting next to him and TK has to work with for at least another year and most likely many more years to come.

bush gains 9 yards running straight up the middle. nothing fancy, just running straight up the gut of the falcons defense.

Ski said...

best sign i've seen so far "dirty birds make good gumbo"

what vick does best, run the ball, works against his team when they're down. first, it takes time off the clock. second, it gets the crowd back in the game when defenders are chasing him around the field.

Ski said...

i agree with theismann, the birds need vick to run for 30 yards on every play. mora should just call that 30 yard run play every down.

fujita has looked good in both saints games i've watched. considering he was cast off from a pretty bad defense in kansas city i'm not sure if his play has been an illusion or not.

Ski said...

wow, pass interference and a poorly thrown ball on the same play....how 'bout that falcons passing game?

apparently the falcons have decided not to cover colston tonight