Super Bowl predictions and other useless information

First off, go check out my list of least sexy NFL teams at the AOL Fanhouse. The Bucs come in second in my highly official ranking of which teams have gotten little to no love going into the season. Which team takes the top spot?

My Sure-to-be-wrong Super Bowl prediction:
Long time readers of this blog will remember my uncanny ability to incorrectly pick every game in the postseason. I'm the George Castanza of NFL Pick'em, I'm always wrong. Which means the next two teams have zero chance of making the Super Bowl.

AFC: Cincinnati Bengals

This pick is partly fueled by my man love for Chad Johnson, the next great showman of the NFL, but the Bengals have everything you're looking for in a great team. The offense was already one of the best in the NFL and is only going to get better. The defense is still young but Marvin Lewis' hallmark has typically been defense, so the Bengals should be better on both sides of the ball.

The biggest roadblock for the Bengals is not Carson Palmer's health but the teams mental condition. If the team comes out satisfied with its performance from last season, they are going to rack up the losses early in the season. But if they come out with a chip on their shoulder then they should easily repeat as division champs.

NFC: Chicago Bears

A bunch of idiots have been knocking Sexy Rexy, citing him as the reason the Bears don't stand a chance come playoff time. How quickly people forget that the Bears offense put up 21 points in the playoff loss to the Panthers, and that the vaunted Bears defense lost the game for Chicago. With the exception of the Pats, the last couple of teams that have won the Super Bowl have had crappy quarterbacks (Roethlisberger, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer). A defense and a solid running game are more important than quarterback play.

The biggest question mark surrounding the Bears is whether their head coach has the balls to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Lovie Smith is a defensive guy, so it's a bit of a red flag that the Bears defense played so poorly against Carolina. But I'm going to give the former Buc coach a mulligan in his first playoff game.

Anyway, those are my picks for Super Bowl XLI. Who are your picks to play in Miami on Feb 4th?

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