My NFC South Rankings

1. Panthers
2. Falcons
3. Saints
4. Bucs

Official Standings
1. Saints, 3-0
2. Falcons, 2-1
3. Panthers, 1-2
4. Bucs, 0-3

The top rankings are how I think the division will shake out at the end of the year. The Panthers should be much better with Steve Smith back in the fold and the Panthers have pulled themselves out of deeper holes.

The Falcons' achilles heel was finally exposed last night, and I expect teams to start stacking the box and forcing Vick to throw to his receivers (who will then drop the ball). I would move the Saints ahead of the Falcons if the Saints could beat a good team on the road.

Then we have the Bucs. The Bucs have more talent than the Saints, but with Simms out for the rest of the season the Bucs will struggle to win six games. I would like to think Gradkowski is the second coming of Steve Young but I won't hold my breath.

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Anonymous said...

"The Bucs have more talent than the Saints." -- Ski, are you on drugs?