Is Clayton Back? (and other catching up)

Ok, I had a whole post written up before it disappeared into the nothingness of Blogger so I'm going with the condensed version here. First off, I have a post up a the Fanhouse which basically says Clayton will outgain Galloway this season. Since I'm basing my post on a one game sample size I'm sure there are no holes in my argument.

Also at the Fanhouse, I lost a wager to the Ravens blogger and since the Bucs got their asses kicked I had to post 5 reasons the Ravens are the better team. And since I'm pissing off Ravens fans I must be doing something right.

I'm not sure who's to blame (the illegals) but this site has not given much love to Buccaneer Harbour. Despite my negligence BH has a good breakdown of the Ravens game.

Finally an injury report...
Cadillac: strained back, should play Sunday.
Davin Joseph: out until October with knee.
Buenning: returned to practice.
Quarles: will be back for the Falcons game.


Douglas Scott S. said...

in response to carnell running all over the falcons last year..

its a new season. check the falcons depth chart on defense. if you're as bright as you act, i think you'll notice quite a few new additions.

im sure Foster and Co. ran all over the falcons last year as well. it wasnt very pretty for them last week...

and yeah i just checked my fantasy football league and williams was taken 9th too.. weird. i took rudi johnson with the 8th pick.

stallworth in the 10th round could be the best pick on my team though.

and no i didnt draft vick

gnorb said...

I read your comments on AOL yesterday and couldn't help but laugh the entire time, especially after this line: "did you know the Ravens are named for a poem by a man who died of rabies?"

Best. Post. EVAR!

The Tall Guy said...

Nice one! Go Bucs!!!

Ski said...

thanks guys, especially you doug-doug

Douglas Scott S. said...

its gonna be close. not sure what the status is for abraham and kerney, guessing questionable. but hopefully falcons can pull through since its at home

erik love said...

Does Ski not real his Emails or my blog?

Not good