It's just one game

I keep telling myself that. No week is more atypical of a team's performance than the first week. That being written, if this game is a microcosm of the Bucs season then it's gonna be a long one.

Joe Montana would look like Ryan Leaf behind the Bucs offensive line yesterday. Simms was constantly being pressured and the Ravens defense didn't let him get into a groove. The interior of the Bucs o-line looked especially bad, and had difficulty picking up the blitz. In the words of the Captain, "what we have here is a failure to communicate."

The offense flat out looked scared of the Ravens defense. On one play Joey Galloway dropped an easy catch because he he took his eyes off the ball to look for Ravens defenders. It just seemed like the Bucs offense tried to do to much, but instead of hitting the home run they struck out.

On the flip side the defense looked good even with Ruud in for an injured Quarles. McNair did what you expected him to, buy time with his feet and find open receivers. For a team that has had so much success against Vick the Bucs failed to contain McNair. The defense will be top ten this year but they are not so dominant they can win games by themselves. Simms and company need to pick it up.

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John F. said...

Any thoughts on Gruden lumping it on Simms?

Third string, first love -- my buddy had a casual fan chewing his ear off that Simms sucks and Gradkowski should have been in at the half... Where is the damned rolling-of-the-eyes smilie when I need it? :-p