0 - 2

0 - 2 doesn't even begin to cover how bad it has really been. As Gabe likes to say, watching the game yesterday was like watching a series of slow motion train wrecks.

I can't take much more of this.
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Just promise me next week will be better. Oh wait, we play Carolina? I think I am going to be sick.


Douglas Scott S. said...

it made me so happy to see tampa and carolina playing each other next week. the thought of one of those two teams being 0-3 makes my day. and it'll most likely be tampa, i'm sure steve smith will be back and if Simms and Cadillac cant handle the Falcons defense... Good luck against Peppers.....

Gax said...

It's not as if the Carolina defense has been all that special so far either.

Repus Bowl in full effect!

Douglas Scott S. said...

Gax.. I guess you didnt see what Julius Peppers did last week against Minn. Simms has once again lost all confidence, and I hope he wakes up 10 times a night drenched in sweat because of what he fears the Carolina defense is gonna do to him.

shoobie said...

either way who would have thought coming out of week 2 the naughty ATL squad would be 2-0 and both these dirt nfc south teams would be 0-2. oh man, im with doug, i think i just nut my pants after re-reading it.

good luck with the schedule. fuck rj. and fuck the bucs. good night.