Two Bucs Retire

Tim Brown

Donnie Abraham

Did the Raiders make Tim Brown clear a physical or lift weights when they signed him to a one day contract? Did Al Davis at least get him to run a lap around the practice field?

Prob not, but that doesn't prevent Tim Brown from retiring as a Raider even though in his last season Oakland wanted nothing to do with him. But I guess when a guy plays 16 straight seasons (including 9 with over a 1,000 yards) with a team you are allowed to overlook little things like that.

Both Tim Brown and Donnie Abraham have announced their retirements from the game. Brown has announced that he is going into NASCAR, depite the fact that he has no background in the sport.
"It's going to be a big deal to try and get accomplished, but I think it's going to be great to try," said Brown, who said he was approached by Roush Racing for the job. "Obviously there's a diversity issue that needs to be addressed [in NASCAR]. They thought I was a good guy to do it."

Can you say token black guy?

Brown would have been known as a much better wide receiver if he did not have the misfortune of playing at the same time as the G.O.A.T. (or Jerry Rice for those who did not get the memo). As it is I imagine he'll still get into the Hall of Fame.

Donnie Abraham had a successful career in Tampa Bay with a Pro Bowl appearance in 2000, before the emergence of Brian Kelly. Eventually, the Bucs had to cut Donnie for salary cap reasons, but he was picked up by his buddy, former Bucs linebacker coach and current Jets head coach Herm Edwards.

Donnie's retirement is fairly odd since he is only 31, and if you moved him to safety he had plenty of good years ahead to look forward. But apparently he has some kind of pressing business deals that can't wait, so he decided to retire now. Best of luck to both former Bucs with their future careers.

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