Carnell's Contract

Carnell Williams

Carnell Williams five year contract is worth slightly less than $31 million, with a guaranteed payout of $13.1 million.

And oh yeah, there is backstory to Williams contract which Cummings does an superb job describing Williams's dedication to showing up to camp on time.

"He got in about 3 o'clock," said roommate Michael Clayton. "And at 6:30 he jumped right out of bed because I had the alarm set and he said, 'Let's go to work Mike.' He's hungry. Guys like that always show up on time."

I like this guy already.

EDIT: The St Pete Times is reporting that Williams contract has $15.1 million in guaranteed money, which is different from the guaranteed $13.1 million reported by the Tampa Tribune. Both papers report that it is a five year contract worth a max of $31 million.

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