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(also an excuse to post pictures of Eagles cheerleaders)

Eagles Cheerleader

William T. Devlin, an evangelical Christian activist, is irate over the recently released Eagles cheerleader lingerie calendar. He is actively lobbying Eagles head coach Andy Reid to get the calendar recalled. Additionally, Devlin claims he has the support of several retired Eagles players including Irving Fryar and Herb Lusk.

But when contacted about the calendar both players said they had not heard from Devlin. Fryar and Lusk did not want to "do battle with Eagles over the calendar."

It looks like Devlin is the one caught with his pants down.

But, Devlin is not the only person upset with the Eagles calendar, he has been joined in his crusade by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan. Sheridan writes that a father's number one responsibility is to keep "your daughter off the (stripper's) pole. The acid test is whether I would want to see one of my daughters in this calendar or on the Eagles' Web site, and the answer is no."

And I agree with Sheridan, kind of. His primary job as a father is to keep his daughter off the stripper pole, and by extension the Eagles lingerie calendar. But there are worse things out there than the Eagles calendar and Sheridan would be better served to warn his daughters about them. Apparently, Sheridan has never heard of the internet, which is 95% porn.

To be fair we should see what the cheerleaders themselves had to say about the calendar. Consider the reaction of Adrienne Hartman, whose photo adorns the cover, on first seeing her picture:

"Wow, I was like, 'Whoa, nakedness,' " she said after the fashion show. "I was like, 'Whoa.'

"But I was like, they actually did a really good job picking it, so I'm really happy with it. I'm pretty pleased because it's classy and professional, but sexy at the same time."

Oddly enough, that's the same line I keep using to try and convince my girlfriend to let me "immortalize" her.

My first reaction is a rant against the rightous right for trying to impose its Puritanical moral values on the rest of society, but I don't really think a quackpot activist and a second tier local journalist are going to convince the Eagles organization to get rid of the calendar.


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