Barrett Ruud is white?

Barrett Ruud
photo courtesy of the St Pete Times, the newspaper responsible for renaming the Ice Palace.

Bucs rookie linebacker and former Nebraska player Barrett Ruud comes from a long line of Nebraska linebackers. His father, two uncles and great-grandfather all played linebacker at Nebraska.

Additionally, he thought the first version of Longest Yard was funnier than the Adam Sandler version.

And, oh yeah, he's white. To be honest, first time I saw his name I assumed he was black. Maybe I'm the only person who assumed that, but I don't imagine I'm alone. But then again, I am an idiot.


Anonymous said...

FYI - that photo of Ruud is copyrighted by the St. Petersburg Times. Also, you should link to the article that you're paraphrasing.

John F. said...

Ruud's name is Germanic I believe. I knew he was white from that name. Not trying to sound racist but African names tend to havve a different sound and feel... I know Ruud's name has that "different" quality but it's not the same as others.

Ski said...

Thanks John for the info, I didn't realize Ruud was a Germanic name. everything I've heard about Ruud so far has been good. The guy was originally slated to be the backup outside linebacker, but he was moved to backup inside 'backer, a position that requires a lot more leadership since the middle 'backer has to call defensive plays in the huddle and call out offensive formations . . .

and anonymous, the St Pete Times can suck my balls

Ski said...

John F:

I just visited The Stonegauge, and I like your site.

What kind of blogging software are you using? I've noticed other blogs have the same interface as yours.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I know this is very late... but I thought the exact same thing.

Ski said...


Nice site, cute kids, they look like a handful.

Always good to have another fantasy football buff around.