Avoiding the dreaded "R" word (rebuilding)

Interesting read by Martin Fennelly in today's Times. Fennelly rightly takes Gruden and Bruce Allen to task for attempting to right the ship with quick fixes the last two years instead of rebuilding the team with young talent. Of course, more people might take Fennelly serious if we could write a full paragraph, intead of bad poetry.

The best course for the Bucs is to take their lumps and grow.

But Gruden's competitive juice might say different.

And therein lies madness.

His poor prose aside, I would agree with Fennelly. The Bucs most likely will not have a winning season this year, and fans would be misled to believe otherwise. Gruden needs to play the young guys and allow them to develop.

This means Carnell Williams needs to take a majority of the carries, that by the end of the season the young guys on the offensive line, Dan Buenning, Chris Colmer and Anthony Davis should be given at least a couple starts.

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