The Roundup: Farewell to Steussie

What a difference between this week and last. Last week the biggest football story was T.O. Now with training camps starting up, and preseason games just around the corner fans actually have something to get excited about.

1. Edgerrin James, upset with his current contract situation and, now having to travel to Japan to play in the American Bowl, said the closest he will come to Japan is Benihanas. Peyton Manning, misunderstanding Edge's statement, is waiting for his runningback at the Japanese restaurant.

2. So both Javon Walker and T.O. report to camp but Hines Ward looks like he will hold out?!? Hines Ward believes he should be paid the same amount of money as Marvin Harrison or Randy Moss. Ward said, "I am not Marvin Harrison, or T.O., but I also don't think those guys are Hines Ward." Ward turned down a contract that would have made him the highest paid Steelers player ever, but he turned down the contract.

3. Saints runningback Deuce McAllister signed a new eight year contract for $50.1 million with $12.5 million in a signing bonus and incentives. The deal makes McAllister the highest paid Saint ever, and approaches the largest deal for a runningback, LaDainian Tomlinson's eight year, $60 million contract. Notably, McAllister and his agent where able to negotiate the deal without threatening to hold out.

"I wanted to be out here with the guys and I wanted to continue to prepare," said McAllister, who did hold out his rookie season. "I didn't want to dampen anything by being a hold out or being disruptive and basically just messing up the whole flow of what they've been working on."

4. Todd "Steroid" Steussie has finally been cut by the Bucs. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) this will free up the money to sign Carnell Williams and Alex Smith. The Bucs will take a cap hit of only $667,000 in 2005, but in 2006 Steussie will count $2.67 million against the Buc's cap.

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