Rookie Signings

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for the timing of the first round rookie signings each year. There are a good three weeks between minicamp and training camp when teams have literally nothing to do except sign their draft picks (or cut players), yet the teams/rookies wait until two days before training camp to sign a contract.

There are only two thoughts that go through rookies heads when they should be signing a contract. The first is "how much is the other guy making?" and the second is "how pissed will my new coach be when I show up to training camp late?" The NFL could index the first round picks max salary to inflation based on the last year's first round pick's salary (try saying that three times fast), then the rookies could be signed a week after the draft.

Anyway, it is looking like the Bucs first round pick Carnell Williams is waiting to see what the two runningbacks ahead of him make before he signs a contract. Since Cedric Benson and the Bears appear to be having problems negotiating, it looks like we're waiting for Ronnie Brown to make a deal with the Dolphins. My guess is Williams' agent will argue for almost the same amount that Brown gets (but then again that is pure speculation).

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