Don't forget about the Orlando Sentinel

Everybody turns to the St Pete Times and Tampa Tribune for Bucs coverage, but the Orlando Sentinel puts out some of the better opinion pieces on the Bucs.

Today they offer two articles, both by Chris Harry reflecting on the days Hugh Culverhouse owned the Bucs and the other examining all the Bucs current owners have been able to accomplish.

Three sentences help to explain the difference between Culverhouse's and Glazer's ownership better than I can.

Bucs Executive Vice President Joel Glazer remembers players approaching him his first year with the team to ask if a video game station could be put in the players' lounge. They had one the next day. "The cost, obviously, was minimal," Glazer said. "But the excitement was beyond belief."

Any Bucs fan appreciates the work and, more importantly money, the Glazers have put into the team since they took it over. I would only hope that Manchester United fans would take the time to read these articles to see what kind of owners they are getting.

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JD said...

We're getting £650 million (that over a billion dollars) in debt. Gee. That sure seems like a good idea. By the way, your boys are leveraged to the teeth. If we go down, you're coming with us. We don't want him. You can have him.