ESPN gives some love to Ronde

Ronde Barber

Len Pasquarelli gives Ronde Barber some well deserved national props, while describing the many roles Barber plays in the Monte Kiffin's defense.

He slices, he dices, he lines up at cornerback and, on third down, in the slot. Barber runs upfield with a wide receiver on one play, blitzes the quarterback on another, moves up to support against the run on a sweep. One of the biggest bargains in the league, even at a 2005 price tag of $3.75 million, Barber wears a lot of hats for the Bucs, which is why his teammates are typically quick to tip theirs to him.

Barber is the key to a Bucs defense that was number against the pass last season. He is also a guy that deserves to be rewarded in the future by management. While I would be surprised if he was to get too much more money, I would love to see Barber coach the Bucs secondary in the future.

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