Talk to the hand Shula, 'cuz the lips ain't moving

Former Dolphins head coach Don Shula had this barb about his successor Jimmy Johnson, when asked how Dan Marino benefitted from playing 17 seasons under only two head coaches:

"You mean he had one coach. Look at the numbers. They speak for themselves."

Johnson is rumored to have replied, "Oh yeah? Shula's mom is so stupid that she thinks a quarterback is a tax refund."

Marino won 61.9 percent of the games he played will Shula, includong one Super Bowl appearance. Marino won 54.1 percent of his games under Johnson.

Additionally, Marino averaged 263.5 passing yards, 1.9 touchdown passes and 1.1 interceptions in 199 games under Shula compared to 220.2 passing yards, 1.2 touchdowns and 1.0 interceptions in 61 games under Johnson.

(hat tip to Bengal)

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