Bruce Allen, The Negotiator

Two rookies have signed contracts or agreed to sign contracts, but first let me touch on the news involving GM Bruce Allen.

The St. Pete Times reports that Paris Warren's agent, Derrick Fox, has been unhappy with the way Allen negotiates deals. Allen has only offered two or five year deals to Warren and his agent.

"There is no such thing as a two-year deal," Fox said. "After two years, they own his exclusive rights. My guy wants a chance at free agency, like any other player in the league. But they treat everyone the same. It's two years or five years, take it or leave it. That's not negotiating in good faith."

Apparently, this is something that Allen does fairly frequently, since other agents have also complained quietly about it. I have no idea why Allen would do other than to make his own job easier, by making contracts less complicated.

Anyway, on to the Buc's rookies.

Receiver J.R. Russell from Louisville, the Bucs last pick in the seventh round signed a two year deal, reportedly with a $18,000 signing bonus.

The Bucs have also come to agreement with tackle Chris Colmer, a third round pick from NC State. Colmer's contract is expected to be for five years.

That leaves four players who are not signed or have agreements to sign: first round pick Carnell Williams, and three seventh rounders, fullback Rick Razzano, receiver Paris Warren, and safety Hamza Abdullah. Carnell Williams' agent, Ben Dogra has said he expects his client to be under contract by the time training camp starts. Considering that players start reporting to camp this afternoon and the first day of practices is tomorrow, the contract better be worked out fairly quickly.

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