Saints release Smith

Free safety Dwight Smith has been cut loose by the rebuilding Saints.

A youth movement in the Saint's secondary combined with his expensive salary made Smith expendable to the Saints. Additionally, there are rumors that the volatile Smith was not getting along with the new Saints coaching staff.

Obviously, Tampa Bay will be the most likely landing spot for Smith, who was originally drafted and started for the Bucs. But do we want Smith?

At 27, Smith is in the prime of his career and has the versatility to play multiple positions in the secondary (he was originally drafted to play corner). And he can be had for a cheap one year deal.

On the other hand, Smith has been a lightning rod for trouble. The addition of Smith might further retard Will Allen's development, assuming Smith starts at free safety over Allen. And most importantly, signing Smith will take even more time away from Bruce Allen that could be spent negotiating with Ronde's agent for an extension.


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Anonymous said...

Were I the Bucs braintrust, I wouldn't give Smith what he thinks he deserves. As you said, the time is now for Will Allen. We don't need an older FS who didn't prove last time around that he was worth a contract extension. And when we combine that with his underwhelming Saints career, his worth drops significantly.

I say leave him lie.