Extension on the way for Ronde?

Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel says so.

Ronde seems to hint that he is looking for Champ Bailer money which would be a big mistake on Bruce Allen's part. Even if he is overrated Bailey is one of the best at what he does. Ronde, on the other hand, has benefitted from Monte Kiffin's defense and would only be valuable to other Tampa Two teams (i.e. Bears, Colts, Lions, etc.).

While it would be nice to see Ronde get his, I hope it does not come at the expense of the Buc's long term financial stability.

UPDATE: (7/24, 10:15) Or maybe not.

Rick Stroud of the St Pete Times spoke to Bruce Allen and Ronde's agent and both confirmed that they are no where close to an extension. And since Allen reconfirmed his deadline is March '07, I'm guessing Barber will not sign a new contract before training camp begins. Keep in mind Chris Simms will be a free agent next season also and will most likely require both top dollar and Bruce Allen's full attention.

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