New York Times uncovers the obvious

Cadillac Williams took automatic A classes while at Auburn.

I'll tell you straight out I'm on the fence about this. Obviously this happens at every SEC school (except Vanderbilt) and even your humble and incredibly geniusfied host could be accused of taking college classes which where a guaranteed A. And since none of these guys are going to become brain surgeons or rocket scientests it probably doesn't matter if they took a lighter than average course load.

But, at the same time, the idealist in me is upset that athletes are given an easy ride at the taxpayer's expense. This may just be crazy talk but I believe anybody on a scholarship should be held to a higher standard than students who are paying their own way. In the grand scheme of things, we would all be better served if the scholarships given to athletes were instead given to future teachers and nurses. Of course, in this perfect world the Bucs, Rays and Lightning would win championships every year and broccoli would taste like steak.

Update: Of all the reactions I've seen to this story Grits has prob the best one. Go check it out.