Great, another Bucs blog

Just what the intraweb needs another Bucs blog and this one hosted by the Tribune to boot. Which I’m sure means said blog will be more family friendly than Disney World on prozac.

What’s that you say, said blog brings the big stick?

And it’s run by the same persona who could potentially challenge this site’s title of Best Bucs Blog?

Extra tall shot of yager to Scott for his subversive takeover of the Tribune’s website. Even if he is the bastard love child of Phil Hellmuth and Sammy Farha.

= ?


The Professor said...

There is no way a column on a commercial website will ever be a true blog. I wish commercial sites asociated with newspapers would just stick to what they do best. It works occasionally, such as Bill Simmons, but even then, i dont think it can be a true blog when there are limits on what the writer can do. The contents of the blog should be completely up to the writer(s). I want to know what the writer is thinking and what his opinions are, not what the editors think we should know about his thoughts and opinions. That being said, lets hope that he is at least better than the Eduardo Encina that does the Rays blogs. I read his stuff when i have trouble sleeping.

Ski said...

I tend to agree with you which is why it will be interesting to see how long the Tribune allows Scott to keep it up. Blogs are only as interesting as the personalities behind them and commercial sites can be accused of watering down their personalities in an effort to appeal to everyone.

That being written, baseball is exception to the rule since it is such an everyday sport. There is often minutia the newspaper will never publish, but which would be perfect for a blog. Of course, every exception has an exception and for this rule that would be Encina.

Scott said...

So, does the photo say, "I'm cooler than you" or "I'm a big, fat douche"?

As Grandpa Simpson would say: "A little from column A, a little from column B."

Ski said...

A little bit more from column A than from column B...a bit more.

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