Baltimore: City of Criminals

I just can't quit you. I had told myself, "no more of this blogging in your Superman underoos crap," at least for the next few weeks but like a compulsive gambler who has found his mark when I saw this story I just couldn't keep away. Or to make an even more lame sports analogy (since I am watching the Home Run Derby right now) this story was my slow, hanger over the plate.

Raven's linebacker NOT a criminal.

I have serious difficulty believing this guy is really a Raven though. I know Roderick Green is on Baltimore's roster but a TRUE Raven would not have avoided the fight, and he definitely would not have run away. You think Ray Lewis would have run away? Hell no, the stabbing bowler would be in a bodybag right now. You think Jamal Lewis would have run away? Well....you see where I'm going with this.

But Green's still a young guy, so I'm sure Baltimore will turn him into a hardened criminal. The city has a way of doing that to law-abiding citizens.

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