Hump Day Cheerleaders

New gimmick I'm introducing here at the Best Bucs Blog, the Hump Day Cheerleader pic. Just consider it a little something to make your work week move a bit quicker.

Today's pic comes courtesy of the NFL Network's Making the Squad: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I finally caught this show the other day and it reminds me of a really bad date. I've got to listen to some clueless airhead prattle on for an hour about her family and runt of a dog in the blind hope I will see her naked. And just like most of my dates, you will not get to see any of the cheerleader's birthday suits.

Anyway, enjoy.


gnorb said...

Hmm... nice way to garner loyal readership among sports hogs. One question, however: why "hump day"?

Think about it:

Hump day. Beautiful, bikini-clad cheerleaders.

"Hump" day.

"Hump." Day.

Uhm... yeah. Not trying to tell us anything, eh? (I think the Catholic church would like to have a word with you.)

Ski said...

gnorb, whatever perverse connections you draw between "hump day" and "beautiful, bikini-clad cheerleaders" is between you and the Lord Baby Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Boring show - show them all

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