Orange you a big fan of puns?

Training camp is one of my favorite times of the year since it marks the beginning of the season AND it is full of useless minutia. For example, did you know Shelton Quarles is known as the Candy Man because he brings $300-400 worth of candy to training camp? Or that Ryan Nece carried all his clothes in Hefty plastic bags?

Even more interesting is that Derrick Brooks would like to see the Bucs bring back the ugly orange for the Thanksgiving game. I've thrown my support behind this but it is highly unlikely it will happen this year. The NFL deadline for new uniforms designs went by a couple of months ago and the ugly orange was not submitted by the Bucs. (Or something like that.)

And a pat on the back to the local ink sheets who have deployed blogs for their beat writers. I've already mentioned the Tribune's so I'll point you in the direction of the Time's blog and it's witty headline writers.

(And just as an aside since I don't know where else to throw this, counting the newspaper blogs the number of Bucs blogs has doubled in the past two weeks. Looks like I'll finally have some competition for my title.)

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