Hurrah, another list!

In case my thinly veiled disgust for the effortless efforts has not yet become apparent I can not stand lists/rankings. Most lists reek of apathy, both on the part of the writer and the reader, and are typically little more than attempts to drum up viewership/readership without substantively contributing to any kind of sports dialouge.

This ranking of quarterback units by the Football Outsider guys stands in stark contrast to most rankings since it is backed up by the Outsider's unique brand of stats. In what should come as little surprise the Bucs quarterbacks do not rank highly. What does come as a surprise is that Simms is injury prone.

20. Tampa Bay

Chris Simms looked good as the starter last year, and improved as the year went along. Unfortunately, Simms has been injury prone in the past, and so have all his backups. Simms had shoulder issues in 2004. Jay Fiedler hurt his shoulder last year and might not even be ready for training camp. Luke McCown already blew out his knee. Tim Rattay broke himself in three places during the time it took you to read this sentence. It would surprise nobody if the Bucs had four guys on the injured list and undrafted rookie Bruce Gradkowski starting by Week 17.

As much as I appreciate the Outsiders stats, the Outsider's Achilles heel has always been their inattention to detail. This effort, in so many ways is quintessential Football Outsiders material, ahead of the curve yet fundamentally flawed.

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Anonymous said...

Gradkowski wasn't undrafted either, he was a 6th rounder!!