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Boston a Buc.



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Yes. Can The Bucs hire people that aren't convicted criminals, or is this part of the game plan?

Ski said...

I agree with your sentiment even if I don't feel quite as strongly...with Dungy you never had to worry about guys like this.

course I give Boston a 50-50 chance of even making it past training camp.

Scott said...

Who else are you talking about? Pittman? Name the players of any significance that can be considered low character.

Joel said...

I don't know that the issue with Boston should be character. No team ever gets much of a chance to learn about his character because he hurts himself after a few minutes and then disappears.

This is a low-risk-moderate-reward signing. If Boston were to ever deliver on the sick promise of his one and a half good years with Arizona, he could make a team very good and very happy. Of course with each year that goes by the possibility of that happening decreases.

I'm with you, Ski - I say he breaks his leg halfway through camp and we never see him again.

Ski said...

I know Scott is excited (delighted? content?) with the signing but I'm holding off expectations of Boston until he can prove he's regained his form of old.

This signing reminds me of the Ryan Leaf pickup a while back, nobody really wanted either guy and it's just as likely Boston will not make the team.

Ski said...

more thinking out loud...

if Boston does make it through training camp he would end up squeezing out one of the younger receivers, i.e. Edell Shepherd or Larry Brackins.

1. Joey Galloway
1A. Michael Clayton
3. Ike Hilliard
4. David Boston
5. Maurice Stovall
6. Mark Jones (kick returner)

six receivers is a lot to hold onto and would force Shepherd, who showed signs of improvement last season, onto the practice squad.

the more I think about the more likely it seems the Boston signing is temporary and only meant to push the other receivers, especially Clayton.

Scott said...

I don't know that Jones has a secure spot on the roster. he is a pure kick returner and isn't going to get many reps at receiver. The team can't afford to have a player devoted to returns in that way (at least Karl Williams was a decent receiver). Pittman, Hilliard and Galloway have all taken their reps at returns and I would think Stovall would need to make an impact there as well. Shepherd is not eligible for the practice squad.

I'm going with Galloway, Clayton, Hilliard, Boston, Shepherd, Stovall. Russell, Warren and Brackins can duke it out for the practice squad spot.