All this Barbaro love is coming dangerously close to beastality

I was one of the 100,000+ people in attendance at the debauchery called Preakness and I could care less what happens to Barbaro. Don't get me wrong, it would be a good thing if Barbaro survived but I'm not about to start hoping and praying a horse makes it through the next couple of days.

Which is why I have to wonder what motivates people to make signs for a horse? Are you hoping the horse knows how to read?

Anyway, as I mentioned I attended Preakness in Baltimore and fortunately I was not arrested while asking a police officer for directions.

The two things which make Preakness so entertaining (unlimited beer and no law enforcement) also make it a powder keg just waiting to explode. The infield of the Preakness is more akin to a giant all-day tailgate than a horse race, and the difference between the infield and the rest of the race track could not be more stark. Mud wrestling, beer slides and flashers were not uncommon fare on Saturday. I fully expect something really bad to happen at Preakness in the next couple of years. Of course all that will not stop me from attending again next year.

Unlimited beer, lax security and meatheads are always a good combination

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