Carl Crawford (still) wants to be on your fantasy team

Some guys play for money. Others play for fame. But Carl Crawford just wants to be the best fantasy player he can be.

Following an uber-fantasy game (stats below) DRays teammate Casey Fossum commented, "If you have him on your fantasy baseball team, I guess you're jumping up and down right now."

Which seemed like an odd quote for a baseball player to give until I remembered this Crawford gem from before the season.

"Nobody recognizes me. Ninety percent of the guys who picked me first in their drafts don't even know what I look like. But you know what? Putting up big fantasy numbers is part of what motivates me out there. That's another thing to play for."

The DRays are slowly morphing into the 2004 Rams, fantasy gangbusters but underperformers on the field. Then again the DRays are so young maybe they all have fantasy teams. In which case they might actually have a shot of winning something this year.

Crawford: 5-5, 5 hits, 2 RBI, 1 HR, 4 SB

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