The Rundown

Dusting off a rarely used gimmick, the Best Bucs Blog boldly brings (isn't alliteration fun?) you some of the best posts from around the web. (And yes, I should probably start using a new picture for The Rundown but the current one is just so satisfying.) Let's get this jalopy moving!

Have to agree with Rays Index, much like Sapp and Keyshawn before him, we have to love/hate Delmon Young as long as he's a DRay. Of course that does not mean Young loves us back. Fandom, it's a one way street.

And while we're on the subject of baseball...hey, it's another column about Barry Bonds and the Babe. Except this one is full of wild inaccuracies and fatal flaws. (Good job Tampa Tribune, NOT.)

Has anyone else been really confused by Under Armour's latest "click clack" ad campaign? Mighty MJD has all the juicy details. Let's just say I'm not surprised that the ad campaign comes out of Baltimore.

Now if you'll excuse me Scrubs is about to start.

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